High quality telescopic crane for all kind of trucks!

SPS ENG crane with the winch and long telescopic boom, along with excellent hydraulic
components, are behind the performance, which function extremely well in lifting heavy cargo.


‌Main Control Valve

‌Main control valve equipped with auto-acceleration function which enhances multi-operation function

‌Double Derrick Cylinder 
(above 8 tons)

‌More powerful and safe operation when lifting the heavy materials.

Swing Reduction

‌Enables smooth and strong operation when swing the boom.

‌Front Outrigger - H type 
(above 7 tons)

‌Ensures stability on rugged terrain, slopes and any working condition.


‌Overwinding Alarm Device

‌To prevent a damage by alarming when the hook block approaches the boom head.


‌Designed for a high place work purpose.

‌Crane Self Loader

‌Equipment with a self-loader system, the light equipment can be loaded easily.


‌Much deeper drilling is possible and can be applied for ground release drilling, ground investigation, and before sheet piles.

S102 Z2

S102 Z3

S102 Z4

S103 Z2

S103 Z3

S103 Z4

S103 Z5

S‌308 M3

S510 M3

S510 M4

S510 M5

S717 M5

S717 M6

S717 Z6

S818 M6

S818 M7

S1037 M5

S1037 M6

S1548 M6

S1756 M6

S2070 M6

※ The above specifications are subject to change without prior notice for improvement.