FARO Advanced 3D Machine

We enhance the quality of finished products through the periodical process inspection of products and ensures the compatibility with target equipment through precise measurement

Mazak Tube 3D Laser

Tube 3D flexibility to cut a variety of shapes. It is designed to increase productivity, simplify and strengthen component assembly and improve component tolerances through more precise laser-cutting. 

Bender / Shearer

We use ordinary shearers and benders in combination with hydraulic equipment  to enhance production

Robotic Welder

Robotic welder is capable of delicate welding operations and mass producing precise parts.It results neat joints and increases durability of product

Plasma Processing

Laser processing enables precision processing

Shot Machine

This is for cleaning and descaling of the products that require precise and detailed processing

Durability Tester

Using test instrument, we upgraded the reliability of the products


Standard Packing